Top 10 Best DEFENSIVE NBA Players of 2016

Check out the Top 10 Best Defensive NBA Players of 2016! Offense wins games but defense wins championships! To compete for a championship every team needs a great nba defender who is able to lockdown NBA superstars. The NBA's best defender is Kawhi Leonard and I'm sure that he will also be one of the best defensive players of all time soon! Featuring: Andre Drummond, Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, Hassan Whiteside, Rudy Gobert, Tony Allen and LeBron James! If you want to go PRO someday, you have to train like a Pro TODAY! Subscribe for more NBA Videos! Follow me on Facebook! Like this Video if you want to see more NBA Videos! My goal is to upload at least three videos per week about current topics like trades and injuries and about All-Time lists like the Top 10 Greatest NBA Players ever. Subscribe for more NBA videos if you like my content!