Dragon Ball Super - Episode 55 Predictions And Speculations! A Summons from Omni-King

The Omni King calls for Goku as he asks to speak with him but the most important question is, what for? What does the Omni King want with Goku and where do they plan on going in the future? With everyone prepping to collide against Black in the future, what are Zeno's plans and intentions with Goku? What are your thoughts and predictions going into Episode 55? Dragon Ball Super - Episode 55 Preview + Episode 54 I Wanna Meet Son Goku! Dragon Ball Super - Episode 54 Review! Dragon Ball Heroes: Goku Vs Black Fight Scene! Zamasu In The Background + Demigras New Form! Dragon Ball Episode 54 "Inheritor of Saiyan Blood — Trunks’ Resolve" is now officially here! Vegeta takes Trunks under his wing as they train and prepare for battle as they set their sights on battling Black alongside Vegeta showcasing his Super Saiyan Blue powers for the first time to his son, who had never seen it before! Enjoy the review guys and check out these awesome videos below! Are you not a legend?! What are you waiting for?! *SUBSCRIBE* and become LEGENDARY!! If you enjoyed this video and liked what you saw, then punch that [ LIKE ] Button right in the face & Share with your friends! Visit: LootCrate.com/UnrealEntGaming. ?Lets Interact!? I hope you all enjoyed this alongside the channel as well. Here at UnrealEntGaming, I'm looking to bring the BEST possible content out there for you in order to keep you laughing, entertained, informed and satisfied. If you would be kind enough to contribute, then please help SHARE and SPREAD the word about this channel to everybody you know! It would be greatly appreciated, as always. Thank you for contributing you're time to watch, I hope you enjoyed, and as always, tune in for more and I'll be seeing you all in the next legendary episode!.