[NBA 2k17 Simulation] Minnesota Timberwolves @ Sacramento Kings l October 29th, 2016

You always wanted to see how the real NBA season would play out if simulated by a computer game without any influence by a human? Then you're at the right place! This is a Simulation of the 2016/17 NBA Season. Each Day I will upload one of the most anticipated games from the upcoming game day of the NBA season games. The other games not shown are being simulated with the most realistic settings (except for the quarter length) to generate an entire simulated NBA season. I do not recommend using the results of those simulated Games as betting advice or taking them too serious at all since this is just a computer game simulation. No lineups or settings were changed in order to give a team an advantage. The lineups used are based of off injuries and performances by players in the real NBA. If you enjoyed the video leave a Like and subscribe since it helpes me out alot and there will be a Video for each game day of the entire season! Next Game: Washington Wizards @ Memphis Grizzlies 30. October 2016.