Phoenix Suns @ LA Lakers - Rd 1, Gm 3, 1993 NBA Playoffs - 5/4/93 (STARTING IN 4TH QTR)

**I DO NOT HAVE A RECORDING OF THE FULL GAME. From the Phoenix Suns' magical 1992-93 season - this is the first of three games for which Suns' coach Paul Westphal "guaranteed" a win after his #1 seeded, 62-20 team lost the first two games to the #8 seeded Los Angeles Lakers at home. The recording starts with about 10 minutes remaining in the game (4th quarter). This was recorded from the Suns' flagship TV station, KUTP-TV 45. It was hosted by Suns' legendary play-play announcer Al McCoy with longtime Suns coach and executive Cotton Fitzsimmons doing color commentary. The KUTP games also featured the very catchy (and now, very sadly, retired) unofficial (?) Phoenix Suns theme song, as heard at the end of this recording, as well during nearly every transition to a commercial..