NBA 2K16 My Team - 5 UNDER 5 - Power Forwards - My Team Budget Players

NBA 2K16 My Team of Budget Players at the Power Forward Position! I call it 5 Under 5! Enjoy and thanks for watching! I use the Elgato Gaming HD60 to capture my gameplay. NBA 2K16 My Team Budget Ballers is all about spending ZERO VC at any point in the series on our way to complete Road to the Playoffs, Domination, and Challenge modes and generating the best lineups. New this year is Gauntlet as well, and I plan on EARNING my way through the entire series. You guys supported this series the most of any on Two Brothers Gaming last year, so I'm gonna make it even better this year with My Team tips, auction tips, thoughts on the dynamic players (hint - they're a HUGE part of the game this year), and then help with getting 99 stars and completing Domination, Historic Domination, and beating some of the hardest challenges without spending a single dime. Make sure you let me know that you appreciate all the hard work by dropping a like and leaving a comment. Your interaction on this series is really important to me! I'll usually have My Team Road to the Playoffs gameplay, Domination, Auction tips, and possibly a Challenge or Gauntlet game mixed in, as well as quick-hitting reviews and thoughts of players that are mentioned a lot in the comments section. Budget Ballers isn't necessarily about getting the BEST players as much as the BEST players for your Budget, hence the term Budget Baller that I use to describe a player. I enjoy earning my way through the game and the reward of knowing the story behind how to get MT to get that player, the great auction snipe, or the simple hard work and grind to earn them and put together a great lineup to take on the world. I hope you do too! At the start, we'll be getting packs with bronze and silver players in them and hopping into Domination and Gauntlet building our team up for Road to the Playoffs. My goal this year is to make it to and win the first seed in Road to the Playoffs to earn that Amethyst Patrick Ewing. Moments cards, Dynamic Ratings Cards, and auction block moves will be really important to me doing this. I can guarantee one thing--by the end of this series, my My Team will look a LOT different than it did at the start! Thanks for watching another My Team mode video from Two Brothers Gaming! Don't forget, if you're looking for something different, check out the Bling Squad, which is pretty much the opposite of Budget Ballers. I go all out with VC and pack openings trying to assemble a dominant squad, and while it's lighter on tips and challenges, it's another fun way to play and showcase some of the best My Team players. The name Bling Squad comes from the idea of getting "jewel" players like Diamonds and Amethysts, or the best ones in the game.