Kevin Durant MIGHT Be The Best Player in the NBA

So the NBA Finals so far have been garbage to put it lightly. We spent a whole season of basketball and 3 rounds of the playoffs waiting for this matchup and we get 2 blowout wins in the first 2 games. Aye but like I like to say, it ain't over till it's over, especially with this man (LeBron) on the other team. But I'm gonna be honest, the one guy that has really surprised me so far is Kevin Durant. Yes LeBron's still more valuable to his team, yes KD’s move was a bitch move, yes LeBron's a better all around player than KD, yes KD’s system makes KD better, but when push comes to shove, KD has outplayed LeBron so far in the Finals, and I to believe that he does have the potential to be the best player in the NBA even with LeBron playing. Now before y'all hit that dislike button, the key word to this video is possibility. There is a POSSIBILITY that Kevin Durant can be the best player in the league, even as soon as next year. It is not set in stone that he will be better than LeBron, nor is he better than LeBron RIGHT NOW, buy there is a POSSIBILITY he can. Just wanted to make that clear. Make sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe for more gameplay! This channel is officially partnered with NBA Playmakers. From the hallowed grounds of Rucker Park to the rafters of the Staples Center, from kicks reviews to trick shot compilations, it’s a fusion of ball culture, style, and attitude through video. NBA Playmakers launches you into a worldwide basketball community for content creators, backed by the NBA and powered by BBTV – the number one multi-platform network on the planet. Capture it or consume it, run the game with NBA Playmakers. *Shoutout to Shady00018 for the intro. Steam: bsolz121813.